A friend of ours, David Fairhead, has produced and directed Spitfire. He is a professional film editor and 3 years ago felt he must do something to recognise the great achievement and sacrifices very young men and women made during the Second World War - especially those who flew SPITFIRES. Of course he realised that those young men and women who survived the war were now in their 80's and 90's.

    So using his own money and crowdfunding, 3 years in the making...

    Spitfire is screening TOMORROW on 17th July in 200 cinemas across the UK, for one night only.

    Tickets are available from www.spitfire.film

    It is going to be an excellent feature length documentary and should be viewed on a large screen.

  • Two Short Films

    It is surprising how two short films can take up so much time and effort.

    I have written and produced my short script ‘Norah’s Ark’ for the Create 50 – The Impact.

    I have also produced and directed the short script ‘Up Up and Away’ for the Create 50 – The Impact.

    Under is a link to how we went about making Up Up…


    Under is the link to the two films – both short but both needing lots of time in preparation and the edit:


    Hope you enjoy them.

  • CREATE 50 - The Impact

    This is from Chris Jones. Create 50 is his vision. Create 50 - The Impact is your chance to make a short film about the end of the world - but NOT from your own script - you need to option one of the 55 final scripts. Read on...


    The Impact50 Trailer Has Been Launched… Get involved and make your micro-budget apocalyptic short

    Watch the trailer here https://www.facebook.com/chrisjonesfilmmaker/videos/10155900256835091/

    for the crowd created feature film project #Impact50, about what would happen in the last few hours of humanity before an asteroid impact.

    And if you are a filmmaker, there is still plenty of time for you to get involved and have YOUR work showcased in this revolutionary global project.

    Why get involved?

    Impact50 is a global filmmaking initiative designed to showcase the best emerging screenwriters and filmmakers. By featuring lots of short films, no single filmmaker has to carry the burden or production of an entire feature film, but can benefit from all the experience, connections and exposure this project offers.

    The screenplay leg is now closed with the 2,000 scripts being whittled down to the selected 55. You can read them all by going HERE: and select one you want to make.

    You should of course read the rules and guidelines too. HERE. www.impact50film.com

    Optioning a script costs £7 and you MUST upload something BEFORE the closing date of May 31st. There will be an additional month to finalise an edit and upload your final cut / sound mix / grade etc.

    So what to do?

    First, rustle up some kit, crew and actors and make space over a weekend in the coming weeks.

    Second, choose a script and option it.

    Then make it.

    Finally, upload an edit to the site. Get feedback. Re-edit and watch some other films and offer feedback there too.

    There really is NOTHING stopping you from getting involved in this global epic movie.

    Looking forward to seeing your film and shaking your hand at the premiere!

    Chris Jones


  • Create 50 - The Impact

    It was really difficult choosing a script from the finalists of the Create 50 – the Impact. After much deliberation I chose UP UP AND AWAY. These scripts are short, 2 to 3 pages, but just because they are short doesn’t mean they are easy to film. This one posed many technical challenges.

    We planned to have a technical rehearsal for Up Up and Away on Saturday 17th March with the actual shoot date on 18th - weather permitting. Well, weather did not permit. With snow expected and freezing temperatures we decided to postpone the shoot date until the following Sunday, 25th March but went ahead with the technical rehearsal on 17th.

    A number of challenges faced us, mainly involving the chair lifting into the air with actor (Brian O’Connell) on board. It was time for the game to commence in trial terms so we trooped out to inspect the pitch. The snow was falling fast and those words in the script came to mind:


    An azure sky filled with puffy clouds.

    Rita discusses the chair lift with Geoff Bentley, tree surgeon, who knows all about pulleys and knots.

    She also wanted to try out lifting the chair on poles.

    Sharing a giggle.

    It was at that point we decided to return the sheep to the field and for us to go indoors.

    We then had some fun trying out the green screen.

    And Brian practised falling from the chair.

    We did manage to film on Sunday 25th March despite a strong, and very cold, wind.

    More on that later.

  • February

    February already and it’s only 7 months until the London Screenwriters’ Festival. This year the dates are: 7th, 8th and 9th September with a full programme in the week before. Check it out at: www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com

    I’ve got a short film to make in time for the Create 50 – The Impact – but what to choose?


    Don’t forget to check out the competitions page.

    Happy writing.


  • Christmas is coming soon.

    Christmas is coming soon.

    Another year almost gone. Oh, and I’ve just looked out the window and seen the first few snowflakes. Not sticking though but mighty cold.

    It’s been a not bad year writing-wise for me with scripts being in the finals, semi-finals and quarter-finals of various competitions.

    Things are hotting up for the Create 50 – The Impact initiative, with a deadline of 30th April 2018 for people to make and submit short films. https://www.impact50film.com

    If you are bored and wondering what to do then check out the competitions page. There are some interesting competitions with deadlines during December and January.

    As always, enjoy your writing. Remember – a diamond is a lump of coal that hung around longer.


  • Halloween

    Halloween is almost upon us. If you like reading scary stuff then you can’t go wrong with TWISTED 50 – which consists of 50 scary stories. You can buy the kindle version on Amazon for £1.99. Go to Amazon and type in Twisted 50 kindle and you’ll get to the Twisted Volume One page.

    If you prefer the book or audio version then this link will take you to the site: https://www.twisted50.com/

    Happy reading!

  • September 2017

    It’s been and gone. Another amazing London Screenwriters’ Festival – they do get better each year. If you are thinking about going to next years’ then if you are quick you can just get the Early Bird offer. And don’t forget that Ultra Early Bird Deal for LondonSWF'18… sign up now for £28 a month here…


    The dates are 7th, 8th and 9th September at Regents College, London.

    Go on – give yourself a treat!

    Happy writing.



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