• John Yorke

    It was a great way to end February by going to Advanced Structure with John Yorke (https://www.johnyorkestory.com/) at Ealing Studios. This was organised by Chris Jones -https:www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com

    For anyone across the pond in the US, John will be at the ScreenCraft Writers Summit from April 5th to 8th 2019. If you get the opportunity to go to one, or both, of his classes – do it. https://screencraft.org/

    Ealing Studios is a television and film production company and facilities provider at Ealing Green in west London. Will Barker bought the White Lodge on Ealing Green in 1902 as a base for film making, and films have been made on the site ever since. It is the oldest continuously working studio facility for film production in the world. The current stages were opened for the use of sound in 1931.

    Since 2000, Ealing Studios has resumed releasing films under its own name, including the revived St Trinian’s Franchise. In more recent times, films shot here include Shaun of the Dead (2004), as well as The Theory of Everything (2014) and The Imitation Game. (2014). Interior scenes of Downton Abbey were shot in Stage 2 which is where we were. The Met Film School London also operates on the site.

    One hundred and twenty of us spent Saturday and Sunday, 23rd and 24th February with John as he patiently explained and illustrated with excerpts from various feature films and also television series and serials how to structure a story.

    The method he uses can be adapted for all writing be it screenplays, plays or novels. To help us use and understand these methods, before the end of each session we were split into groups of five and given writing exercises, the results of which we then had to present to the audience. This was great fun although sometimes too much time was spent talking through what we should be writing about rather than actually writing it.

    It was good to meet up with several familiar faces from previous London Screenwriting Festivals.

    If you are serious about writing I would recommend going to any of John’s events. https://www.johnyorkestory.com

    Successful writing!

  • INSIDE I'M 35

    INSIDE I’M 35

    The short film I wrote, co-directed and produced with members of Surrey Border Movie Makers, www.surreyborder.org.uk was shown at the Farnham Maltings on Wednesday 12th December 2018. https://farnhammaltings.com

    It was shown before the feature film The Wife. The audience laughed in all the right places and applauded .

    The film will now be entered into film festivals.


  • AGE and the perceptions of AGE

    AGE and the perceptions of AGE

    Our film club, Surrey Border Movie Makers, www.surreyborder.org.uk are making a film as part of an initiative called MY SHOUT in collaboration with the Maltings Farnham.

    The idea is to make a short film celebrating age. I came up with the idea and have written the script. I wanted two older people who have lead interesting lives to be interviewed then we go into a short musical showing the perceptions of age.

    We filmed the first part at the beginning of November and completed the musical drama at the end of November. Now is the edit process which always takes time.

    We hope to have it finished this week in time for it to be shown at the Maltings, https://farnhammaltings.com mid-December.


    On a recent visit to Dubai I was checking the information on The Frame and in the ticket section I noticed as well as being free to people over 60 it was free to People with Determination.

    PEOPLE WITH DETERMINATION. It took me a few minutes to realise this meant People with Disabilities and perhaps this had become a bit confused in the translation but I thought it was a far better description.

    With the ending of the recent INVICTUS GAMES in Sydney whose participants all showed great determination and are such an inspiration with their courage and strength of mind, in future I’ll be thinking PEOPLE WITH DETERMINATION, not disabilities.

    If you are in Dubai then I would recommend a visit to The Frame. Amazing.

  • The London Screenwriters Festival - 2020

    The London Screenwriters Festival has been and gone. It was another great success. For me the Pitchfest worked well. The Actors Table Read was excellent. The one hour Script Surgery with a script doctor from Euroscript was inspirational and has helped me fill in the enormous big hole in my script. I’ve started a re-write and feel this is going to be good.

    There will be NO London Screenwriters’ Festival next year, boo hoo!

    However, in 2020 it will come back on the scene and will be amazing as that will be the TENTH anniversary. The dates have already been set - 17th, 18th and 19th April 2020, one week after Easter.

    Soooo, what are you waiting for? Get your Early Bird ticket now at the cheapest rate possible. It will be £13.75 a month. This deal expires on Sunday night…

    As Chris Jones says…

    If you want to come to the next festival for this crazy ticket price, you MUST act before midnight on Sunday. After then it will go up. You can get your pass for what will be out tenth festival, the biggest, most empowering, most exciting and frankly awesomest event for screenwriters on planet earth! Sign up here…


    If you miss this deadline go to the website:

    https://www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com and see if there are other offers.

  • London Screenwriters' Festival

    The London Screenwriters’ Festival starts this Friday on 7th September and finishes on 9th. A fantastic event and one I’ve attended since 2011 and have never been disappointed.

    As well as the choice of lectures and script to screen viewings I will be taking part in the Great British Pitchfest. There are different slots during the three days of the festival with different executives in film and/or television. This is where a limited number of us will have a chance to Speed Pitch to ten executives. We get five minutes to pitch before we have to move on. Normally we manage to pitch to five or six executives in 90 minutes.

    During the festival my script for TOGETHER FOREVER is having an Actor’s Table Read where it will be workshopped by a director and two actors for an hour. This is such a useful exercise as it can show where there has been repetition or dialogue doesn’t work and also how easily the actors can get into the part, or not!

    Then on 9th I finish with a 50 minute consultation with a script doctor from Euroscript – www.euroscript.co.uk to discuss my horror script THE HEN PARTY FROM HELL.

    All of these initiatives are included in the price. You just have to watch out for the appropriate deadlines and make sure your work is ready to upload.

    What’s not to like.


    As soon as this festival is over you can book your Early Bird Ticket for 2019 at a good price and choose to pay for it by instalments.

    Just do it!


    A friend of ours, David Fairhead, has produced and directed Spitfire. He is a professional film editor and 3 years ago felt he must do something to recognise the great achievement and sacrifices very young men and women made during the Second World War - especially those who flew SPITFIRES. Of course he realised that those young men and women who survived the war were now in their 80's and 90's.

    So using his own money and crowdfunding, 3 years in the making...

    Spitfire is screening TOMORROW on 17th July in 200 cinemas across the UK, for one night only.

    Tickets are available from www.spitfire.film

    It is going to be an excellent feature length documentary and should be viewed on a large screen.

  • Two Short Films

    It is surprising how two short films can take up so much time and effort.

    I have written and produced my short script ‘Norah’s Ark’ for the Create 50 – The Impact.

    I have also produced and directed the short script ‘Up Up and Away’ for the Create 50 – The Impact.

    Under is a link to how we went about making Up Up…


    Under is the link to the two films – both short but both needing lots of time in preparation and the edit:


    Hope you enjoy them.


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