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    The London Screenwriters' Festival. www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com Wow! I just love it. Three days of mixing with people who understand what it is to be a writer. Mixing with people whose eyes do not glaze over when I wax lyrical about the Script Surgery run by Euroscript, who are sympathetic when I tell them how scared I was at the Pitch Fest, who are interested to hear how the Table Read went for my script. Who even know what a Table Read is.

    One thing I forgot all about this year was the Elevator Pitch. But wait, a few years ago, after a media lunch, I did find myself in a lift with a well known publisher. I'd written the first 10,000 words of a novel for a competition and had been short listed. I pitched it to her and she asked to see it. All the way home I was thinking "If she accepts my novel, then what a great headline - pitched in an elevator." Nothing came of it. The concept was not good enough, but heh, at least I pitched.

    This is now my third year of going to the festival. One part of me says, your third year and you've had no success? The other part says, yes, but you wouldn't have pitched so well to that producer if you hadn't experienced the Pitch Fest. So, nothing came of that meeting but it means I have a foot in the door and can submit other scripts to that organisation. So I've decided that the London Screenwriters' Festival is going to be my treat each year. If I don't have any new material, I'll go along and enjoy myself anyway. In the meantime it will be my mentor, my deadline each year, my reason for creating a new script. After all, I can't go back next year and pitch the same work, can I? The clock is ticking ...

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