• August 2017

    I have recently completed the THRILLER course run by Hal Croasman of ScreenwritingU. Like all of Hal’s courses I would recommend this, though they don’t suit everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got some useful critiques for the thriller I am writing. www.screenwritingU.com

    It is almost time for the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2017. The results for the Actor’s Table Read are out and I’m delighted that my script ‘The Bahia Bracelet’ is one of them. This is included as part of the festival. You submit 3-4 pages, max, of script for a maximum of 4 actors then you get a one hour session with a director and actors as they workshop your script.

    The London Screenwriters’ Festival is taking place during the weekend of 15th, 16th and 17th September at Regents College, London. www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com If you haven’t been before it is worth it. If it is too late for you this year, think seriously about next year. As soon as this festival is over you can take advantage of buying an ‘early bird’ ticket for next year, spread over 10 payments it is painless.

    Good luck with your writing.

  • Twisted50 Volume 2.

    I am delighted to be one of the shortlisted writers for Twisted50 Volume 2.


    The Way He Walks and Dead Ringer are the two stories I submitted. With The Way He Walks being shortlisted.

    I tried writing for this genre when the initial Twisted50 was launched and I really enjoyed it. In fact I am now developing one of the story ideas I had in to a horror feature film.

  • The Breaking of Liam Glass

    The Breaking of Liam Glass by Charles Harris. A debut novel. What a great read.

    I have known Charles for years and mentioned on this blog last year his book about pitching called ‘Jaws in Space’ which was released last year.

    Now his novel The Breaking of Liam Glass is due to be released this Thursday, 29th June. I had the good fortune to be one of the reviewers and loved it.

    This is what I said on Amazon: “This is a well-researched, witty, insightful book, a crime story with a twist and a look into journalism and general life in one of the poorer areas of London. The world it represents has recently been brought into focus with the tragic circumstances of Grenfell Tower. I would highly recommend this book and I look forward to Charles’ second novel.”

    You can buy the book here: Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/2tRrBrq

    Charles was saying that the novel was inspired by a short story he wrote years ago about a young lad, a promising footballer who was stabbed. As these things do the story grew and the novel that emerged is a crime-satire - not so much a Whodunnit as a What-they-did-after-it. The story of the 24 hours after that teenage footballer, now called Liam Glass, was stabbed and is lying in a coma, and the piranhas - Jason and worse - who try to use Liam’s story to forward their careers.

    And Jason, a desperate journalist, has revealed himself to be a fascinating mix of comic hero and anti-hero, someone you want to succeed almost despite yourself. A young man whose heart is in the right place and yet faced with enormous moral tests which he doesn’t always pass.

    Keep on writing.

  • Write Movies Script Competition

    Yeah! My script THREE WISHES is one of 54 scripts in the quarterfinals of the Write Movies Script competition. Fingers crossed!


    I’ve just heard my script THREE WISHES is in the semi-finals of the Diverse Voices WEscreenplay competition.

    I’m delighted.

  • Busy, busy, busy. I have just put my romantic comedy THREE WISHES on the Inktip site: https://www.inktip.com It has had positive coverage and on the basis of that I have made some improvements – so, fingers crossed.

    I am now working on my horror, currently called INVISIBLE FRIEND. I may well change that title as the film develops. This was a finalist in the First Ten Pages workshop organised by Phil Gladwin and Yvonne Grace of https://www.screenwritinggoldmine.com It has had a transformation since then and I hope to have it ready in a couple of weeks.

    Now I am starting work on a thriller script. I shall be doing this as part of the Thriller Workshop run by www.screenwritingU.com so watch this space.

  • Create 50

    What is Create 50?

    Create 50, www.create50.com is the brainchild of Chris Jones who runs the London Screenwriters’ Festival www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com

    I first came across the concept of Create 50 when Chris launched the ’50 Kisses’ competition in 2012. If you submit a story you are expected to critique at 3 others. I wrote a story for it and duly critiqued a minimum of 3 other stories. In reality I critiqued many more as once I started I really enjoyed the reading process. I received several critiques for my story too which bearing in mind the comments and suggestions I received and using these for the re-writes greatly helped to improve it.

    My short script ‘Love Across Time’ I think was long listed but was not chosen for the film. However, I re-wrote it and entered it in to a script writing competition organised by Film Expo South 2017 which took place in February this year and I was one of 10 finalists. It goes to show, nothing is wasted.

    When Create 50 Twisted was launched I relished the idea of trying to write for the horror genre, something I had never done before. My short ‘The Small Print’ received some encouraging feedback but was not chosen for the book. Again I critiqued more than the required amount of stories and learnt so much from reading the work of different people.

    Due to the popularity of the first Twisted volume it was decided to have a Create 50 Volume 2. I wrote and entered two stories, ‘The Way He Walks’ and ‘Dead Ringer’ in to Vol 2. The deadline for this was 28th February. Now I have tried writing for this genre I really enjoy it.

    A different type of story was needed for Create 50 The Singularity. They wanted 50 science fiction stories exploring the moment when technology overtakes us. The deadline for this was 31st March this year. I submitted two stories for this, 'The Emperor’s New Clothes' and 'With a Little Help from A.I.' Again this was a genre I had never written for before but I enjoyed the experience.

    These writing opportunities that Chris has created are both challenging and liberating. I have gained much from reading other peoples’ short stories and scripts, some good some not as good but all adding to my writing knowledge.

    A big thank you to Chris for your enthusiasm and creativity.

    Watch out for www.create50.com and the books when they come online as well as other writing opportunities.



    On Friday 3rd Feb I was at Film Expo South held in the Ageas Stadium, Southampton. I had entered the Three Counties Challenge script competition. The brief was for an original script of maximum 5 minutes (i.e. 5 pages) which could be filmed in two days.

    I was one of the 10 finalists and so received a complimentary ticket to the event.

    Film Expo South is the brainchild of Gillian Tully. Now in its second year, Gillian has done a remarkable job of organising this event.

    The finalists were met, videoed and introduced to each other.

    At 10.30 we had a Pitching session with Sam Snape, screenwriter, tutor and script doctor.

    At 1.00 it was time for us to give a 2 minute pitch to 6 judges.

    Then at 7.00 pm the three winners were announced.

    Sadly my script was not one of them – boo hoo! However, I really enjoyed the day, benefitted from Sam’s pitching session and enjoyed meeting the other writers.

    Look out for Film Expo South in February 2018.


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