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Farnham Maltings

The Spring Festival held at the Maltings.


The theme that year for Farnham Playwrights Collective was Lonely Spaces.  We had a choice of odd spaces around the Maltings.  


I chose The Dressing Room.  

Full of posters of tribute bands, and artists that had performed in the past, I got a feeling of sadness from the room.

 Farnham Maltings

The Spring Festival at the Maltings.


This year Farnham Playwrights Collective did Five Minute Plays.  We used the South West Kiln, a square room approximately 17' x 17'.  The configuration of the chairs was changed for each of the four plays.

Photo by Lesley Brewin:


My play "A Handful of Dust" performed here by Jackie Hayward was about a ghost from World War II reflecting on her past life before she was murdered and her body disposed of in the furnace of the Malthouse.

_DSC8010 Maltings Extracts Natalie and Mawgan

One Word and You’re Dead

by Rita Wheeler

Director: Naomi Jones  

Performers: Mia Soteriou; Natalie Macaluso; Mawgan Giles


The play: This is an extract from a longer play.  Unable to stand the abuse any longer, Helen ran away from home and became an elective mute. In this scene, now her abusive father is dead she returns to finally lay the ghost and starts to talk again after years of silence.  Her step brother Tony is delighted to see her. Her step mother is not.

photo by Lesley Brewin:


Natalie and Mawgan


 Farnham Maltings

The Spring Festival at the Maltings.


He Loves Me - I Love Her Not.

Angie and Josh are besotted but when he backs off she becomes obsessive .  There's complications, like he's married and now his wife's pregnant.  He doesn't want a divorce.  Angie will have to go  


Black comedy with a twist.

It was standing room only in The South Kiln and the audience loved it.