Accidental Writer

Accidental Writer





Genre: Romantic Comedy

Female lead in her 40’s.

Male lead in his late 50’s.



MIddle aged divorcee learns to accept her failed marriage and while coming to terms with it, creates an exciting new future.



Never say never.  Fran, alone again, is initially resentful and bitter.  Who was she  before she married?  A diver.  She returns to Cyprus determined to re-learn how to dive, and keep an eye on her ex, Michael and his new love. An instant mutual dislike to dive instructor Don turns into friendship and love, at which point Michael returns.  Who will she choose?




Genre: horror

1 main female, early 20’s

1 main male, late 20’s

8 bit part females

4 bit part males




It’s been broken for years, the invention forgotten then zap, an electrical storm and the self vacuuming device springs back in to life, only now it’s developed a taste for human flesh and it eats as it sucks as it cleans.



A country house, great location for a film shoot only one thing missing, the crew. They were there last night, but when Kate turns up for work the door is open, the house empty.  Collecting tapes from cameras set up in various rooms she and the producer put the grizzly story together.  A film within a film they put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Then the noise of the vacuum cleaner starts again…





Genre: thriller

2 males, mid 40’s

2 females, one late 20’s, one mid 30’s.

Several small parts.

2 children, one male, 9, one female, 12 plus a friend each.



If no one knows what you look like, how can you prove you are who you are?



Publicity shy John Forrester welcomes his old school friend into his office for a drink not realising how bitter Chris is because John appears to have everything.  There follows a series of events which leaves the police believing that John is Chris and Chris is John; and John in police custody is in hospital fighting for his life.  Once he’s recovered enough he has to escape, rescue his family and prove he really is the CEO of Forrester Enterprise.