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However old you are on the outside, many of us are younger on the inside. This short film is about age and the perceptions of age, with an uplifting ending.






Genre:  Fantasy




2071. Earth is bombarded by Nadroids, miniscule aliens affecting people's minds and killing them.  A modern device is not ready. Desperate, the Commander is forced to use a machine created by a brilliant eccentric using 20th century technology. It is touch and go, but he succeeds and kills the Nadroids.




WHEN SUMMER COMES by Rita Wheeler SUMMER COMES by Rita Wheeler


Genre: Family



Life after death.




Zoe's mother is dying.  Dad avoids the truth, distancing himself in his business.  Zoe finds a forgotten piece of mistletoe, wheels her mother down to the apple orchard to propagate it.  After the funeral Zoe and Mark return to the empty house.  The phone rings.  Mark answers.  It is work.  Zoe, furious, runs to the orchard.  Eventually Mark follows.  She sees a green shoot - mistletoe.  The phone rings.  Mark starts to return.  Stops.  Helps search for mistletoe.


This film was optioned and made in the States by Monalisa Dasgupta.

It won an OSCAR - Outstanding Surreyborder Creative Arts Reels for best script in 2011 Surrey Border Artistic Film Tributes Award.





What can be done in two hours.  We have made and edited a short film in two hours.  This is a challenge we set ourselves each year.  We call it Film in an Evening.  In April we are given the theme.  This year it was “Easier Said Than Done”.  Due to constraints on our time we didn’t get together until the beginning of June when we had a Brainstorming session.  


We decided to go with the anecdote from my husband about something he came across whilst in the Middle East where the local government gave a respectable and very intelligent man, who was a nutter, his own office and they would send people who they didn’t want to see to this man.  He was so articulate and convincing the people would leave feeling satisfied that some government minister had listened to them.  


So began The Office of Special Interest.  Within a few minutes we had 14 silly suggestions that could be proposed to the Minister – apologies and no offence meant if any of these are your favourite ideas.    The following day I created the characters and wrote the script using a few of the mad ideas.  I made it as simple as possible, knowing that we only had two hours to film it.  


This is the result after two rehearsed shoots.  

If you want to see the result go to      We hope you enjoy "Office of Special Interest".




FREEZE FRAME by Rita Wheeler


Genre: Black comedy



Annoy Robin - you're zapped!



Robin likes a quiet life.  When Mark and his mother Katie move in next door her quiet life is interrupted.  The previous neighbours were a nuisance too, not any more.  Will the new ones be any better?  Her late husband invented a special camera.  Click and those annoying neighbours are captured.  She's in control.  She adds yet another photo to her sideboard.  The tiny images forever trying but unable to get out.


This was optioned and made by 235 Studios in America.



CECIL'S LAW by Rita Wheeler


Genre: Comedy



What can go wrong - will go wrong.



Cecil, middle management, is going for the interview of his dreams, but Cecil's Law kicks in and what can go wrong will go wrong.  He does not get the job and there is a neat twist at the end.


Won Runners Up prize at North -v- South Competition 2010.

Highly Acclaimed Guernsey Lily International Film Festival 2010.

Third place for scriptwriting in Surrey Border Artistic Film Tribute Awards 2011.



PRAWN COCKTAIL by Rita Wheeler


Genre: Comedy



Hell hath no fury like a woman prawned.



When Doris sees her husband at the unisex hairdressers rather than the traditional barber her worse fears are realized.  He's there so he can peer down the cleavage of the attractive young stylist as she cuts his hair.  Drastic action is needed which results in the stylist losing her job, and the return of her George.





THE WAY HE WALKS by Rita Wheeler


Genre: Thriller



She recognises the sounds - her ears are her eyes.



Mother is nosey and blind but recognises each shoe sound in the street.  When daughter Mavis visits she gets her to report on what is going on outside.  Across the road Colette has an unexpected visitor, a man with soft soled shoes.  Next day and Colette's dead.  Mavis goes to investigate.  Then mother hears a noise.  Someone's on their way upstairs.  She's frightened.  That someone is wearing soft soled shoes and it is not her daughter.